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The African, the premier African magazine published in the United States dating back to 1994, is the prime source of first-hand information about U.S.-Africa relations in the spheres of Politics, Business and Culture, and the historical and contemporary relations between Africa and black America, as well as the African Diaspora throughout the world.


Hail to “The African”

Hail to The African Just as Afro-Americans in the early forties cheered Negro Digest, The African was hailed by Africans and Americans cutting across socio-professional and racial backgrounds both in the United States and Africa,...

Soumanou Salifou

About The African

  Just as John H. Johnson in November 1942 founded Negro Digest (which later became Ebony) to fill the information vacuum about Afro-Americans in the United States, Soumanou Salifou, who came from Benin, West Africa to the United...