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Cuisine: Man Tindjan

MAN TINDJAN A dish from Benin   INGREDIENTS (serving 10) 5 packs frozen chopped spinach 2 pounds fresh shrimp 10 crabs 3 pounds smoked turkey 1 pound powder shrimp, dried fish 1 pound fresh...

The African Diet Pyramid, by Oldways

The African Heritage Diet Pyramid

By Ahmed A. Salifou A U.S. non-profit organization specialized in the promotion of healthy eating based on regional diet pyramids recently published a nutritional guide for African Americans. Oldways, the nutritional nonprofit organization that has...

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Cuisine: Palaver Sauce

Palaver sauce A dish from Ghana by Ghanaian chef Nana So good when one wife cooks it, it makes the other wives jealous! Ingredients       2 pounds fresh spinach       1 pound fresh tomatoes      ...