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Samir Salifou
Master of Public Policy candidate at the University of Virginia's Frank Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy.

The shackles of African neocolonialism

By Samir Salifou Democratization in Sub-Saharan Africa has followed a slow, arduous and sometimes painful path. After achieving independence in the 1960s, most African states have not fully transitioned to democracy. In some instances...

Daniel D. Dossou

Business management in Africa: the missing link

By Daniel D. Dossou While the shortage of professional managers is considered the biggest impediment to economic performance in Africa, thousands of Africans are eagerly “marketing” their managerial “know how” elsewhere. A real paradox!...

Soumanou Salifou
Founder, Publisher and CEO

American women’s double standard

By Soumanou Salifou The student advisor at the American embassy back home in Africa had warned me that I would have to adjust to American culture on and off campus. And I tried to...