#neverforget #alwaysremember (In celebration of Black History Month)

Black history museum pics


(In celebration of Black History Month)

They came from the African coasts

from the Motherland…

My people,

My ancestors,

Aunts and uncles, yours and mine.


Look closely,

See the furrowed brows,

Hear their anguished voices

Listen to the wailing from the depths of their hearts;

the unborn, the children, the youth, the grown.


Their pain, oh, the pain!

I feel it, fresh as it were today.

Our wounds, bleeding like yesterday

Our scars, never healing

Different, yet same.


The anguish in her furrowed brows

The cramps in his tired limbs

The cries from babes at the breast

The torment that knows no end

Suffering and wondering, where is God?


Praying, is this life?

Lives still in limbo

Thoughts still displaced

Hearts still bleeding

Minds still unknowing…

Today like always, we remember, we never forget.



Dr. Umeh is a board-certified pediatrician in San Antonio, Texas. Born in Nigeria and trained in the U.S., she served in the U.S. Air Force for four years as Lt-Col., was honorably discharged, and now dedicates her life and her voice to creating awareness for mental health issues in children, teens and young adults, especially in the minority community. www.teenalive.com. Ph: 802-768-1180

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