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Current  Benin president Patrice Talon, lelft, and former president of Benin, Yayi Boni, hug on the occasion of the parade  for the 2016 Independence Day celebration

Benin’s understated democracy

BY SOUMANOU SALIFOU Despite several shortcomings, Benin’s democracy is among the most striving in Africa. Sure enough, in Benin, there are dozens of political parties that usually evolve around the founder. Party affiliation is...

Benin's President Patrice Talon

Benin Republic for Sale. Really?

BY LOU SIFA (WITH JULES MAOUSSI) There was a wide-spread joke here in Benin that the only way out of the frustration over the lingering economic malaise, the daily power outage, water cut-off and...

Businessman Patrice Talon

Patrice Talon wins the presidency in Benin

BY JIBRIL TURE According to statistics released Sunday night by the Benin Polling Institute (IBS), a reliable organization that has accurately predicted previous elections in the country, Benin cotton magnate Patrice Talon, who came...