The 2018 mid-terms: Act One of the anti-Trump-insurgency voting block

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Living up to his reputation, Donald Trump rudely cut off a reporter who, during his rare newsconference on Wednesday following the mid-term elections, was about to ask how he felt about the defeat he had just suffered at the ballot box. I thought It was very close to complete victory,” Trump interjected. Clearly, he was concealing the panic thrust upon him by the anti-trump-insurgency voting block that had just denied him control of the House of Representatives by allowing the Democratic Party to flip 35 seats, and by kicking out the likes of Republican Kris Kobach, a hardline anti-immigration activist and Trump puppet who lost the governor’s race to Democrat Laura Kelley in Kansas, a state where Republicans outnumber Democrats by a margin of two to one.

Trump is not an idiot. I presume most evil people are not. His bizarre behavior has prompted some people to speculate that he is not 100% mentally fine, which many respectable analysts have doubted by saying that the man is just evil. Michael Wolff has described Trump in his book Fire and Fury as “no more than semiliterate,” which comes as no surprise. For sure, Trump smelled the coffee on Tuesday night, knowing very well what was coming as a result of Tuesday’s slap in his face, despite the Republican Party keeping its majority in the Senate.

The high turnout during the 2018 mid-term elections (analysts say the highest in decades for a mid-term), especially thanks to first-time voters, played a determining role in the outcomes, notably in favor of Democrat voters. No one vote, obviously, can determine the outcome of an election. But, at the same time, an election is always won one vote at a time. Therefore, I am so proud to have cast my vote as a first-time voter and in the anti-Trump-insurgency voting block, exactly at 6:21 in a very cold fall morning that, in my mind and heart, felt more like a comfortable spring day, the time of the year when mother nature renews itself.

I was proud of casting my vote for Democrat Jennifer Wexton, our state senator who beat a Trump’s crony, Rep. Barbara Comstock, like a drum to end nearly four decades of Republican control over that seat. Wexton has dubbed her Republican opponent ‘Barbara Trumpstock,’ mimicking President Obama coining the word ‘romnesia’ during the 2012 presidential campaign implying that the then-Republican candidate, Mit Romney, had contracted amnesia to lie about his past pronouncements.

Change is coming to America, and change is coming to Virginia 10, and that change came tonight!” my future congresswoman stated Tuesday night in her victory speech, adding:

We demand a better nation, a nation where we treat each other with dignity and with respect.”

Trump knew right away on Tuesday night this was coming, but denied it during his newsconference Wednesday morning. He knew his free ride as a racist and a serial liar would no longer go unchecked. He did not miss one beat of the new music playing across the country. He was mindful, indeed, the Jennifer Wextons, the Ilham Omars (in reference to the future congresswoman from Minnesota’s 5th district), the Rashida Tlaibs (in reference to the future congresswoman from Michigan’s 13th district) and hundreds others across our homeland will stand firmly in his way.

Also: The surge of female U.S. legislators, including two Muslims, defies Trump’s bigotry.

But not only that, he knew the new majority in the House will now thoroughly probe dozens of aspects of his political deeds as well as his scandalous business records. 

According to several news reports, the Republican Party (which comprises some honorable men and women taken hostage by a man who claims to be one of them) has been busy pondering ways to avert their president being scrutinized

And this is only Act I of a drama that will climax in 2020 into the removal of this cancer from national and world’s politics. If the United States were that small French-speaking West African country, we would simply consider the creation of a special court to prosecute Trump, force him into exile, and bar him from running in 2020. But this is the country of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama, so we have to let the democratic process play itself out.

If, in these times of economic boom—whose foundation was laid by President Obama—Trump can lose the majority of the lower chamber by a number of popular votes and seats not seen under a Republican president in five decades, one needs not be a rocket scientist to image the highly probable outcome of the 2020 presidential election if the economy performs poorly—although all of us good patriots who love our country want the economic boom to continue.


Soumanou Salifou is the founder, publisher and CEO of “The African,” the premier African magazine founded in the United States, dating back to November 1994.


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect “The African”‘s editorial policy.

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